June 1: Back to the Future; Oxford’s Nose Wart

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The last few weeks Carnaccio has been baiting for responses via straw man arguments. For example, the suggestion that liberals (the motley group that they are) would be against outsourcing certain government functions is a straw man argument (listen to Limbaugh on the radio for 5 minutes and you’ll be subjected to the same muddled thinking). We are not aware of any concerted effort for liberals to prevent thoughtful, conscientious use of public and private functions in the interest of taxpayers. . . but what the heck. We’ll bite . . .


May 7: This is Carnaccio’s Way

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This week Rush is on hiatus, presumably hunting moles. We’re enjoying his hunting diary, but have been similarly annoyed by the rodents, and so we’re not sure who we’re rooting for. . . Sherman takes another shot at our Commander in Chief.

This week Carnaccio’s “style” fully blossoms. Briefly, he suggests the following:

He’d like to erect a guillotineĀ  in Centennial Park for all but a small handful of local public officials . . .

Protesting the Attraction of Ideas

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Several of us this week were discussing the Leader’s simulcast of Fox News’ tea parties a few weeks ago, and observing how much of the signage at these protests around the country had nothing to do with taxes per se, but were racist and about anything but taxes (thankfully, not so much in Oxford). These “tax” protests are particularly suspicious when President Obama put forward tax cuts for 95% of the people at the tea parties.

So what was it really about, all of this tea party business, we wondered? Why was Carnaccio supporting tea parties now, under this Commander in Chief (who gave him a tax cut), instead of the former Commander in Chief (who gave his boss a tax cut)? We discussed at length whether or not to put our discussion into the blog and thought that, since so much print space was given to the tea parties in the Leader, that we’d share a couple of interesting coincidences that may not really mean anything. But they are interesting none-the-less . . .